The Clockmaker

"I need a spring!" The clockmaker's spidery fingers searched his workspace and opened up, one by one, all sixteen small drawers in his custom-made mahogany shelves. He opened up the four drawers in his custom-made mahogany desk. The clockmaker had many springs—don’t think that he was ill-equipped—but the type of spring he needed was not... Continue Reading →

The Day the Worlds Collided

Those who saw it had nightmares; nightmares about drowning in jelly or other thick, viscous liquid. Reaching, gasping for the surface only to have their lungs filled with sweet, port wine-flavoured death. Those who saw it prayed to unsee it; they prayed to all religious beings, even some that no one had thought about for... Continue Reading →


While reaching out his wrinkled index finger, Frank Goldstein, sixty-two, briefly pondered Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. At this specific moment in time, he was both for and against it. Human beings must have evolved from some sort of simian species; what else could account for the amount of hair growing from his knuckles? On... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Something (Ghazal)

Lines at the supermarket are short so everyone is fine waiting for something. Those collecting the dole however are just wasting their time, waiting for something.   At the end of the song she went to the kitchen and sat there, after drinking a large pitcher of coconut and lime, waiting for something.   Pretty... Continue Reading →

Just Cause

He never picked up his wet towels off the bathroom floor, no matter how many times I asked. He never left the toilet seat down after he used it, no matter how many times I implored.

The End is Nigh! … Again

The other day, Barack Obama, President of the U-nited States of America, stated his support for same-sex marriage. Here is what did not happen as a result to that affirmation: The world did not stop spinning on its axis causing everyone in the United States to suddenly slide to the Eastern Seaboard at a speed... Continue Reading →

The Blue Tarpaulin

The blue tarpaulin crinkled as he lay down. Cold night air tried to bite at his bare skin but he felt nothing. He positioned himself next to her, arms almost touching. They both looked up into the hollowness of the night sky. An eager audience of stars stared back. He felt a warm sensation on... Continue Reading →

D-Men (sample chapter)

  1. Dave was hot. He rolled over in bed to the sight of his wife’s face. Dolores looked like she had just run a marathon with all funds raised going to the tired and cranky. The air conditioner was on the fritz again. Repairers charged a small fortune these days so Dave would be... Continue Reading →

The Last Laugh

The crowd responded with laughter and applause. Some rolled off their chairs into the aisles—their sides, along with delicate bladders, on the verge of bursting. A few dashed to the amenities and made it just in time. Others weren’t so lucky. Ricky Bo Bicky bowed, thanked everyone for coming, and departed—exit stage left. If one... Continue Reading →

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