Waiting for Something (Ghazal)

Lines at the supermarket are short so everyone is fine waiting for something.

Those collecting the dole however are just wasting their time, waiting for something.


At the end of the song she went to the kitchen and sat there,

after drinking a large pitcher of coconut and lime, waiting for something.


Pretty lady hides in the corner of the bar wearing all she owns.

Each night she orders the same wine, waiting for something.


While Jack, guns a-blazing, holds up the bank, Paul sits in the car:

ever vigilant, his partner in crime, waiting for something.


Marcel Marceau, with his white face and clothes would

turn the ordinary into art and mime waiting for something.


Hey, hey, Listeners! Tenth caller gets the grand prize so until then

in the queue, there is an unlucky nine, waiting for something.


“So, Miss Rufus, what the devil are you doing at your computer this late?

Hands poised, not typing anything?” “Shush, you, I’m waiting for something.”